Study Area Map

New Scotland Hamlet Study Area


3 responses to “Study Area Map

  1. Hi Arlene,
    Yes, the grant study area not only includes the historic Hamlet of New Scotland but also extends to the Bethlehem town line on Rt. 85 and to the Village of Voorheesville line on Rt. 85A. CDTC’s Linkage Program emphasizes making connections with existing infrastructure and resources such as the Albany County Rail Trail : )

  2. The above map looks like far more than what was origianlly the hamlet and maybe more than was in the second version of the hamlet. Please adress the area referring to better in the meeting.

  3. While the Study Area Map indicates open space resources like lakes and the site of the future Rail Trail, it does not indicate important resources within and adjacent to the Study Area, like the Town Park and Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, which will likely be affected by the eventual master plan. I hope the CDTC will revise the Study Area Map to include such open space resources to give all interested parties more complete information upon which to develop a plan that serves the best interests of BOTH the Hamlet’s “main commercial corridor” (emphasized on this site) AND the Hamlet’s open space resources which are vital to the Hamlet’s cherished rural character.

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