Public Meetings

5/23/12 Public Workshop #2 Info

SAC Meeting #5 – Monday March 26th @ 6:00 @ Town Hall  

Based on the feedback gathered from the Study Advisory Committee re: preliminary plan ideas, Behan Planning and Design will present a draft concept plan to the SAC for additional commentary.

SAC Meeting #4 – Monday February 27th @ 6:00 @ Town Hall  

Based on the feedback gathered at Public Workshop #1, Behan Planning and Design has been developing preliminary ideas re: a concept master plan which they intend to share with the Study Advisory Committee (SAC) at the Feb 27 meeting.


SAVE the DATE  for our first public workshop –                         Thursday Dec. 1st @ 6:30 @ VHS Commons –                                     This meeting is for everyone . . . stay tuned, more info to follow . . .   e-mail us at . . .

Third SAC Meeting – Thursday Nov. 3 @ 6:00pm @ VHS Commons

The SAC will review the edited Existing Conditions Assessment before the 3rd meeting and discuss any remaining comments/concerns that night.  We will also begin planning the first public workshop which will be held in the VHS Commons on Thursday Dec. 1st at 6:30 pm.   

Second SAC Meeting – Tuesday Sept. 20 @ 6:30pm @ Town Hall

The SAC will be provided with a draft of the Existing Conditions Assessment before the 2nd meeting to review.  This report is a starting point for the Hamlet Study planning process.  The SAC will discuss the findings of the ECA and offer commentary.  We will also begin planning the first public workshop.

Study Advisory Committee (SAC)

SAC meetings are working meetings which are open to the public but not the same as a public workshop.  Time will be reserved during the meeting for any comments from anyone from the public who decides to attend.

Letter from CDTC postponing future SAC meetings

Study Kick-Off Meeting – Monday Mar. 7 @ 5:30pm @ Town Hall     


3 responses to “Public Meetings

  1. My apologies, Paul, you’re right. When I volunteered to coordinate the grant for the town I promised the Town Board that they wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. I should have realized long ago that it would take time to generate a parcel list of property owners within the study area, update that list, mail out a letter of notification, and then track down tenants for door-to-door delivery. Problem is, I’ve never done this before and there is no standard process protocol to follow regarding how individual communities choose to run their Linkage Program studies.
    I guess I didn’t realize that people were not aware of this grant (or the Study Advisory Committee) because we’ve been discussing it at town meetings for over a year now and it’s been in the newspaper as well. The SAC members appointed from New Scotland are either stakeholders or individuals that have been very involved in town planning for at least a half dozen years or more; they have unique skill sets and knowledge of town planning issues. Advisory committees such as these do not necessarily require advertisement to the general public for random resumes, although in hindsight, for the sake of transparency, it might’ve been a good idea. I do believe that truly good government is dependent upon an actively participating public and am encouraged by your interest. However, I do not believe that this mistake is “inexcusable.” Please bear with me . . . I’m still learning . . . Katy O’Rourke

  2. Paul Feigenbaum

    I am amazed that the SAC was appointed on 2/9/11 when the letter informing residents of the existence of the study was dated 2/28/11, thus precluding participation by me and others, who might have liked to be on the SAC. The 2/28 notice is inexcusable.

  3. The following local representatives for the Study Advisory Committee (SAC) were appointed at last night’s town board meeting: Maura Mottolese, Jim Olsen, Katy O’Rourke, Kathryn Macri, and Elizabeth Kormos, in addition to Chuck Voss and Daniel Mackay who will serve in an ex-officio capacity.

    NOW to schedule our kick-off meeting . . .

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