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Katy O’Rourke, Volunteer Grant Coordinator, Town of New Scotland

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Town of New Scotland
Supervisor Tom Dolin
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by phone: 518-439-4889

Capital District Transportation Committee (CDTC)
CDTC Transportation Planner/New Scotland, Jennifer Ceponis
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by phone: 518-458-2161


5 responses to “Contact Info

  1. Here are some articles that might give residents food-for-thought when trying to envision what they want for the area at Rtes. 85 and 85-A.

    Multi-generation household can be a rewarding choice for boomers in retirement years

    Best Buy portfolio strategy that will maximize the company’s multi-channel, multi-category business, including a strategically diversified collection of physical properties that range from small Best Buy Express kiosks and Best Buy Mobile standalone locations, to Best Buy “big box” stores at 20,000-45,000 square feet.

    Big-Box Giants Downsize to Drive Productivity with Smaller, Urban Stores

    Cities put shackles on chain stores

    Clone town

    This “Planning a Village Center” sounds very much like what Town of New Scotland residents have said they would like. Take a look.

    • Thank you for sharing this interesting information Edie. The Town of New Scotland Hamlet Master Plan will result in recommendations tailored to New Scotland’s own unique character. There will be public meetings for residents to come and share their thoughts and visions and I encourage you to participate as the study progresses.

  2. I looked at the Market Commons in Myrtle Beach, S.C., as Taylor suggested. The concept is lovely: mixed-use with both residential and commercial, walkability, and nicely landscaped.

    However, for my taste, it looks like the cookie-cutter new urbanism developments that are currently being built. I’m wary of the Town losing its unique quality. I wouldn’t want the Town to turn into a regular sprawled suburb, but I wouldn’t want the Town to turn into one of these new urbanism developments, either, despite the characteristics that many in Town, including me, have suggested.

    I would like to see a mixed-use spread that grows naturally and organically out of the Village of Voorheesville and Slingerlands… in keeping with attributes we have.

    When you look at the photo at:
    where are the cars that are not in the picture? How does this development fit into its surroundings?

    If you read the comments, some people love the place and some think it’s too expensive. When we come down to the nitty-gritty part of planning, we’ll have to keep in mind the demographics of New Scotland in order to plan to attract businesses that will be able to be supported by the people who live here.

    I hope that more people in the community will point to other places they like and on which residents can comment. Eventually, we’ll come to a compromise and a unified vision we’ll all be comfortable with.

  3. Please look at the market commons. Myrtle beach sc. Beautiful and something along these lines would bd great with a more Victorian twist.

  4. Fantastic work! This is a very exciting, much needed, and long awaited, critical tool in planning our collective future. Kudos to Kate, and everyone else that made this possible. I look forward to public workshops where residents can get more involved in the actual look, feel, and flow of the hamlet area. In addition to the two notice options you include, perhaps there should be a way to be notified when significant developments occur (including meetings or workshops), that might affect New Scotland hamlet planning. Again, thank you for helping move us forward in our effort to control growth and improve upon our existing infrastructure.

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