About The Study

The Town of New Scotland in Albany County, New York  has received a grant from the Capital District Transportation Committee’s (CDTC) Linkage Program.  Grant monies will be used to hire professional planning consultants to guide CDTC, town officials and residents through a public participatory process resulting in a concept master plan design for the Hamlet of New Scotland.

Beginning on March 7, 2011, planning consultants will convene with a Study Advisory Committee (SAC) consisting of representatives from CDTC, Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC), New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), and Albany County Planning Board (ACPB), in addition to local representatives from New Scotland’s Town and Planning Boards and stakeholders such as business owners and residents living in The Hamlet.

SAC meetings will be held in the evening at New Scotland Town Hall; they are working meetings open to the public and will be announced on this website and the town’s website (www.townofnewscotland.com).  Planning consultants will also conduct two public workshops during which time feedback on the draft master plan will be collected and incorporated.

The three main goals of the New Scotland Hamlet Study are:

1. to design a concept master plan for the Hamlet of New Scotland including the town’s main commercial corridor,                                                                                                 2. to procure and review examples of recommended zoning code language capable of producing the plan New Scotlanders envision,                                               3. to provide examples of design guidelines/standards that have been successfully implemented in similar communities elsewhere


4 responses to “About The Study

  1. The town board plans to appoint the Study Advisory Committee this Wednesday evening 2/9/11 at their regular meeting. CDTC would like to hold the SAC kick-off meeting within the next couple of weeks depending on consultant and SAC member availability. We will post all meeting dates and times on this site as well as the town website. Usually it is the hired planning consultant that “chairs” or facilitates these meetings. We will definitely consider nearby resources such as Five Rivers and Swift Road Park in the planning of the Hamlet of New Scotland. Hope to see you there Bill : )

  2. We certainly need an up-to-date Master Plan for New Scotland. The grant-supported Linkage Program Study is a great idea and a good start! A lot of details need to be spelled out such as who will chair the SAC group and how SAC will be kept small enough to function and still be inclusive. I’d like to see a labelled street-map depiction of the NS Hamlet, along with the topo map. Also, a Master Plan will need to consider the effects of areas contiguous to the Hamlet- eg- Bethlehem, Five Rivers, etc. When will the Program begin?

  3. I agree with Bob. Hopefully, this site will be a tool to help develop a plan that is appropriate and compatible with the interests of BOTH the Hamlet’s “main commercial corridor” (emphasized on this site) AND the Hamlet’s open space resources which are vital to the Hamlet’s cherished rural character.

  4. Informative. Visionary. “Working Together To Save Tomorrow”: that’s our mission! We don’t want Colonie’s sprawl here!!!

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